To make a long story short, over five years ago I asked myself the soul-searching question “How should I re-focus my professional goals knowing how much I love Paris, the city of my birth, and believe that it’s the most beautiful and exciting city in the world?”
The answer, that I came up with after assessing my 25 years of DMC work experience, skills, intimate knowledge of my destination and my unflappable energy to share my love of France with the world, was to launch my very own boutique DMC, focused on incentives and meetings.
So, in 2015 KeyCall France was launched, with a headquarters office in Paris and the ability to operate throughout France.
Our overriding philosophy is to partner hand-in-hand with our clients to ensure successful and memorable programs. We collaborate from the very first contact through brainstorming on creative ideas, preparing proposals and budgets, hosting site inspections, managing all of the program details, and finally the program operation.
Let’s partner together on your next program to France!


Karine Berberian

+33 6 60 66 10 10  karine@keycallfrance.fr