Regions of France

Compared to some countries, France is relatively small. However, it has been gifted with hundreds of places of such beauty that they have officially been designated “Sites of Natural Beauty”. Add to that the immense history and culture coupled with man-made wonders that have been constructed over the centuries, and it is easy to understand why France is the #1 tourist destination in the world.

There are many regions of France that are worthy of a stay on their own, in conjunction with Paris, or as a quick detour. Here are a few of our top recommendations – Normandy and the WWII landing sites; the Loire Valley dotted with postcard perfect chateaux; the various wine regions like Bordeaux, Burgundy and Champagne; the glamourous French Riviera and its Mediterranean coastline; and the French Alps with astonishing summits and lakes. While each of these regions are diverse and unique, they all share a stunning beauty and the uniquely French “Art de Vivre”.

Have a look at our photo gallery below to view of few of these regional wonders, along with our map of France to help you identify where these regions are located and how to reach them.